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The Master's Brush DVD Library (Volume 2) [+] View Larger

The Master's Brush DVD Library (Volume 2)

Join beloved inspirational artist Nathan Greene and host Mark Finley as they take a close look at many of Nathan's most popular works. Filmed on location in Nathan's studio, The Master's Brush shares an up-close and personal glimpse of paintings that often portray Jesus in both historical and modern day settings. Discover stories behind the paintings. Learn why the works were commissioned, and see how lives have been affected as a result.

Disc 1
Show 14 – My Friends
Show 15 – Jesus on the Cross – The Crucifixion
Show 16 – I Am With You Always
Show 17 – The Invitation

Disc 2
Show 18 – Johnny Made Whole
Show 19 – The Lord God Made Them All
Show 20 – I Was Hungry
Show 21 – For I Was Thirsty
Show 22 – Abraham Lincoln

Disc 3
Show 23 – The Crossbridge
Show 24 – The Roman Centurion
Show 25 – The Lion and the Lamb
Show 26 – The First Sabbath in Eden
Show 27 – Mary and Baby Jesus

This DVD library can only be purchased as a set.

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The Master's Brush DVD Library (Volume 2) MB1002

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