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AO3012 - Chief of the Medical Staff (16x20)

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2010-09-13 21:45:57
Calmed When Reminded of Jesus
Posted By: Peggy Arensmeyer
Location: Goldsboro, NC United States
My husband broke his back in a motorcycle accident. The surgeon's description of the surgery he needed was very serious but he needed it so we said do it. I had been up all night with him so I thought I would rest while he was in surgery. I slept maybe an hour and woke with a start. I was filled with fear. As I set back in the chair and glanced up at the top shelf of the corner bookshelf, there was the most amazing picture that filled me with peace, "Chief of the Medical Staff" by Nathan Greene. I love Jesus and when that picture reminded me of Him, I was FREE of all my fears and I HAD PEACE!! WONDERFUL PEACE!! I had never seen this picture in my life and never needed it more.