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In the Darkest Hour (Museum Print) [+] View Larger
31" x 25"
Signed by Artist
Limited Edition of 998

In the Darkest Hour (Museum Print)

This historical masterpiece depicts Abraham Lincoln during his visit to the Union Army shortly after the battle of Antietam, still the bloodiest day in US Military history. Camping in a military tent, Lincoln saw the battle sites, met with his generals, and visited with many wounded soldiers. This was a very difficult time for the president. He was deeply moved by the suffering and sacrifices made by the soldiers. The fate of the nation and the weight of the world seemed to weigh heavily upon him. Historical evidence suggests that in difficult times such as these, Lincoln found guidance from the scriptures. As the war progressed he became more deeply convicted that the "Hand of Providence" was involved in the events of the war, his presidency, and eventually the end of slavery. "I have felt his hand upon me in great trials and submitted to His guidance." —Abraham Lincoln

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