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About the artist:

Family & Inspiration


Though his work is acclaimed and displayed in many countries while adorning the walls of prestigious corporations, hospitals, and institutions, Greene finds the greatest reward comes from letters that he receives from people who have been touched by his artwork.

Like the woman in a Florida hospital who was handed a postcard showing Greene’s rendition of Christ guiding a surgeon’s hand in “Chief of the Medical Staff” just before she entered surgery. The card reminded her of Christ’s presence and she wouldn’t let it go, holding on tightly even while unconscious all through the successful operation.

Or the atheist from Toronto who saw Greene’s painting of Christ entitled “The Invitation” on a Christian brochure and promptly threw it in the garbage. Yet, every time that he passed by the kitchen garbage can Christ’s face was staring at him. Eventually he went to the advertised meetings and became a believer in Jesus. The man’s life was forever changed. A picture can really be worth more than a thousand words.

Chief of the Medical Staff

The Invitation