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About the artist:

Family & Inspiration

Nathan and his family in front of his studio.

Nathan holding a black lamb raised
on his wife's family farm.

Family & Inspiration

Nathan and his wife Patty reside in Michigan with their children Tommy (19), Bonnie (16), and Daniel (12). Greene loves the rugged outdoors, regularly taking his family camping no matter the season. Favorite locations include summer trips to Isle Royale National Park and winter camping in Picture Rocks National Park, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or Canada.

A passionate life-long jogger, he has cut back due to injury, but avidly works out and has developed a new interest in playing golf with his young sons. “ They tell me that I look like Jack Nicklaus,” the blond Nathan says,” but I sure don’t play like him,” he laughs. He has also developed a new hobby of building wooden boat models to go along with a love for reading American history books.